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.cn is the country code [top-level domain] ( [ccTLD] ) for the [People's Republic of China] .

The domain name administration in People's Republic of China is done through a branch of the Ministry of Information Industry. This ministry oversees everything from telecommunications to broadcasting similar to the [Federal Communications Commission] in the United States. The registry is maintained by [China Internet Network Information Center] (CNNIC). The actual registrations are done through commercial registrars similar to other parts of the world. [Neulevel] has entered into a partnership with CNNIC to market .cn outside mainland China.

It is currently the second most common top-level domain, only after [.com] , but before [.de] , and [.net] , with over 12 million registrations.

Second-level domains

Like most countries, people can register for second-level domain names. However, there are preset ones for certain types of organizations and geographic locations. The third-level registrations were available before second-level registrations became available in 2004, and third-level registrants were given first shot at getting their name at the second level when this was opened up.

Generic second-level domains

- . ac .cn : Academic institutions
- . com .cn : Industrial, commercial, financial enterprises
- . edu .cn : Educational institutions
- . gov .cn : Government departments
- . mil .cn : Military
- . net .cn : Networks, NICs and NOCs
- . org .cn : Non-profit organizations

Second-level domains of provinces
The two-letter abbreviations are the same as those found in [GB/T 2260-2002] .

- . ah .cn : [Anhui]
- . bj .cn : [Beijing]
- . cq .cn : [Chongqing]
- . fj .cn : [Fujian]
- . gd .cn : [Guangdong]
- . gs .cn : [Gansu]
- . gz .cn : [Guizhou]
- . gx .cn : [Guangxi]
- . ha .cn : [Henan]
- . hb .cn : [Hubei]
- . he .cn : [Hebei]

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