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American Record Corporation

The American Record Corporation , often known as ARC Records or simply ARC , was a [United States] based [record company] . It resulted from the merger in July [1929] of [Regal Records] , [Cameo Records] , [Banner Records] , the US branch of [Pathé Records] and the [Scranton Button Company] , the parent company of [Emerson Records] .

[Louis G. Sylvester] (former head of Scranton) became president of the new company located at 1776 Broadway in [Manhattan] , [New York City] . In October 1929, [Herbert Yates] , head of [Consolidated Film Company] took control of ARC. In the following years, the company was very involved in a depressed market, buying failing labels at bargain prices to exploit their catalogue.

In December 1931 [Warner Brothers] leased [Brunswick Records] , [Vocalion Records] and associated companies to ARC.

In 1932, ARC was king of the 3 records for a [dollar] market, selling 6 million units, twice as much as [RCA Victor] . In an effort to get back on top, RCA created its [Bluebird] label. ARC bought out the [Columbia Records] catalogue in 1934, including [Okeh Records] . In the 1930s ARC produced [Brunswick] at 75c and [Oriole] , [Romeo] , [Melotone] , [Vocalion] , [Banner] and [Perfect] at 35c.

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