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Yanjing (; [Pinyin] : Yānjīng; [Wade-Giles] : Yen-ching) is and has been another popular informal name for Beijing, a reference to the ancient [State of Yan] that existed here during the [Zhou Dynasty] . This name is reflected in the locally brewed [Yanjing Beer] as well as [Yenching University] , an institution of higher learning that was merged into [Peking University] .

: The history section below outlines other historical names of Beijing.


Early history
The earliest remnants of human habitation in the Beijing municipality are found in the caves of Dragon Bone Hill near the village of [Zhoukoudian] in [Fangshan District] , where the [Peking Man] lived. [Homo erectus] fossils from the caves date to 230,000 to 250,000 years ago. [Paleolithic] [homo sapiens] also lived there about 27,000 years ago. There were cities in the vicinities of Beijing by the 1st millennium BC, and the capital of the [State of Yan] , one of the powers of the [Warring States Period] (473-221 BC), Ji (薊/蓟), was established in present-day Beijing.

After the fall of the [Yan] , the subsequent [Qin] , [Han] , and [Jin] dynasties set up local prefectures in the area. During the fall of the Han, it was the seat of the warlord [Gongsun Zan] . In [Tang Dynasty] it became the headquarters for Fanyang [jiedushi] , the virtual military governor of current northern [Hebei] area. The [An Shi Rebellion] was also launched from here in AD 755.

Medieval period

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