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Broadcast Music Incorporated

Broadcast Music, Inc. ( BMI ) is one of three [United States] [performing rights organization] s, along with [ASCAP] and [SESAC] . It collects [license] fees on behalf of [songwriter] s, [composer] s, and [music publishers] and distributes them as [royalties] to those members whose works have been performed. In 2009, BMI collected over US$905 million in licensing fees and distributed US$788 million in royalties.

BMI affiliates include [pop music] artists such as [Mariah Carey] and [Christina Aguilera] , as well as composers such as [Osvaldo Golijov] and [John Williams] .

BMI was founded by radio executives in 1939 to provide competition in the field of performing rights, to assure royalty payments to writers and publishers of music not represented by the existing performing right organizations, and to provide an alternative source of licensing for all music users. The company was established as competition for [ASCAP] , which had dominated the music-licensing industries for over two decades.

BMI was the first performing rights organization in the United States to represent songwriters of [blues] , [country] , [jazz] , [rhythm and blues] , [gospel] , [folk] , [Latin] , and—ultimately— [rock and roll] . During the 1940s and 1950s, BMI was the primary licensing organization for Country artists and R&B artists, while ASCAP centered on more established Pop artists. Also during this time, BMI expanded its repertoire of [classical music] , and now represents the majority of the members of the prestigious [American Academy of Arts and Letters] and the winners of 30 [Pulitzer Prizes for Music] .


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