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Censorship in the People's Republic of China

In the lead-up to the [Beijing Olympics] , the government allegedly issued guidelines to the local media for reporting during the Games: political issues not directly related to the games were to be downplayed: topics such as Pro-Tibetan independence and [East Turkestan movements] and food safety issues such as "cancer-causing mineral water" were not to be reported on. As the [2008 Chinese milk scandal] broke in September 2008, some western media evoked suspicions that China's desire for a perfect games may have been a factor contributing towards the delayed recall of contaminated [infant formula] , [China accused over contaminated baby milk] , [The Daily Telegraph] (15 September 2008) which has given more than 50,000 babies [kidney stones] and killed at least 4 infants [China Milk Scandal Spreads; Hong Kong Girl Sickened"] , [Bloomberg] (21 September 2008) although the Central government denied this.Al Guo, "First arrests made in tainted milk scandal", Page A4, [South China Morning Post] (16 September 2008)

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