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China Internet Network Information Center

The China Internet Network Information Center ,, or CNNIC , was founded as a [non-profit organization] on June 3, 1997.

CNNIC is the administrative agency responsible for Internet affairs under the [Ministry of Information Industry] of the [People's Republic of China] . It is based in the [Zhongguancun] [high tech] district of [Beijing] .

CNNIC Responsibility Areas
Domain Name Registry Service
CNNIC is responsible for operating and administering China’s [domain name registry] . CNNIC manages both the “ [.CN] ” country code top level domain and the [Chinese Domain Name system] (Internationalized domain names that contain [Chinese characters] ).

As of January 2009, CNNIC only opens the CN domain to registered businesses, requires supporting documentations for domain registration such as business license or personal ID, and suspended overseas registrars even for domestic registrants. CNNIC denies that it mandates existing personal domain names to be transferred to businesses. . [Trend Micro] suggests this move is still not enough to stop modern security threats from the .cn domain.

IP Address and Autonomous System Number (AS Number) Allocation Service
CNNIC allocates [Internet Protocol] (IP) addresses and AS Numbers to domestic [ISPs] and users. CNNIC is a [National Internet Registry] (NIR) acknowledged by the [Asia-Pacific Network Information Center] (APNIC). In late 2004 CNNIC launched an “ [IP Allocation Alliance] ” which simplified the procedures for obtaining [lP address] es.

Catalogue Database Service
CNNIC is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the state top-level [network] catalog [database] . This database provides information on [Internet user] s, [web address] es, domain names, and [AS number] s.

Technical Research on Internet Addressing

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