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Clay Mathematics Institute

The Clay Mathematics Institute ( CMI ) is a private, [non-profit] [foundation] , based in [Cambridge] , [Massachusetts] . The Institute is dedicated to increasing and disseminating [mathematical] knowledge. It gives out various awards and sponsorships to promising mathematicians. The institute was founded in 1998 through the vision and generosity of Boston businessman [Landon T. Clay] . [Harvard] mathematician [Arthur Jaffe] was the first president of CMI.

While the institute is best known for its [Millennium Prize Problems] , it carries out a wide range of activities, including a postdoctoral program (ten Clay Research Fellows are supported each year) and an annual summer school, the proceedings of which are published jointly with the American Mathematical Society.

The Institute is run according to a standard structure comprising a board of directors that decides on grant-awarding and research proposals, and a scientific advisory committee that oversees and approves the board's decisions. As of February, 2008, the board is made up of members of the Clay family (including Landon Clay), whereas the advisory committee is composed of leading authorities in mathematics, namely [Sir Andrew Wiles] , [Yum-Tong Siu] , [Richard Melrose] , [Gregory Margulis] , [James Carlson] ,and [Simon Donaldson] . James Carlson is the current president of CMI.

Millennium Prize Problems

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