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Communist Party of China

The Communist Party of China ( CPC ), also known as the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP ), is the founding and the [ruling political party] of the [People's Republic of China] (PRC). It is the world's largest [political party] .

While not a governing body recognized by [the PRC's constitution] , the CPC's position as the supreme political authority and power in the PRC is realized through its control of all state apparatuses and of the legislative process.

The [Communist Party] of China was founded in May 1920 in Shanghai, and came to rule all of [mainland China] after defeating its rival the [Kuomintang] (KMT) in the [Chinese Civil War] . The CPC claimed 75.93 million members on 9 October 2009 which constitutes 5.6% of the total population of [mainland China] .

The party's organizational structure was destroyed during the [Cultural Revolution] and rebuilt afterwards by [Deng Xiaoping] , who subsequently initiated " [Socialism with Chinese characteristics] " and brought all state apparatuses back under the rule of the CPC.

Theoretically, the party's highest body is the [National Congress of the Communist Party of China] , which meets at least once every five years. The primary organization of power in the Communist Party which is detailed in the [party constitution] include:

- [Central Committee] , which includes:
-- The [Politburo Standing Committee] , which currently consists of nine members; see [current members of the Politburo Standing Committee] for a complete list.

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