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Direct-controlled municipality

Direct-controlled municipality is the highest level classificiation for [cities] used by [Republic of China (Taiwan)] , [People's Republic of China] , [Korea] and [Vietnam] with status equal to that of the provinces in the respective countries. The [People's Republic of China (PRC)] in [mainland China] , the [Republic of China (ROC)] in [Taiwan] , the [Democratic People's Republic of Korea] in North Korea, the [Republic of Korea] in South Korea, and the [Socialist Republic of Vietnam] in Vietnam adopt this system with some variations.

South Korea official change the title of Directly-Governed Cities into Metropolitan Cities ( Special City for [Seoul] ) in 1991.

Geographically and culturally, many of the municipalities are [enclave] s in the middle of provinces. Some occur in strategic positions in between provinces.

:* [Beijing] , [Tianjin] , [Shanghai] , and [Chongqing] .
- (Taiwan)
:* [Taipei] and [Kaohsiung] .
:* [P'yŏngyang] , [Rasŏn] .
:* [Seoul] , [Busan] , [Daegu] , [Incheon] , [Gwangju] , [Daejeon] , and [Ulsan] .
:* [Hà Nội] , [Hồ Chí Minh City] , [Đà Nẵng] , and [Hải Phòng] , [Cần Thơ] .


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