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The EMI Group (Electric & Musical Industries Ltd.) is a British music company. It is the fourth-largest [business group] and family of [record label] s in the [recording industry] , making it one of the ["big four" record companies] and a member of the [RIAA] . EMI Group also has a major publishing arm - EMI Music Publishing - based in New York City. The company was once a constituent of the [FTSE 100 Index] but is now wholly owned by [Terra Firma Capital Partners] .

EMI's building in London

The Electric and Musical Industries Ltd formed in March 1931 from the merger of the UK [Columbia Graphophone Company] and the [Gramophone Company] , famous at the time for its record label " [His Master's Voice] ". From its beginning, the company was involved in both the manufacture of recording and playback equipment and the provision of music to play on its machines.


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