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Epic Records

Epic Records is an [American] [record label] , owned by [Sony Music Entertainment] , which currently operates under the umbrella of the [Columbia/Epic Label Group] . A premiere label for Sony Music; though it was originally conceived as [jazz] imprint, it has since expanded to represent various genres.

Epic Records was launched in [1953] by [CBS] for the purpose of marketing [jazz] and [classical music] that was did not fit the theme of the more mainstream [Columbia Records] . Its bright-yellow, black and blue logo became a familiar trademark for many jazz and classical releases. This has included such notables as the [Berlin Philharmonic] , the [Juilliard String Quartet] , [Antal DorĂ¡ti] conducting the Hague Philharmonic and [George Szell] conducting the [Cleveland Orchestra] .

Expansion of genres and mainstream success

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