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Euclid's Elements

The frontispiece of Sir Henry Billingsley's first English version of Euclid's ''Elements'', 1570
Euclid's Elements ( [Greek] : Stoicheia ) is a [mathematical] and [geometric] [treatise] consisting of 13 books written by the [Greek mathematician] [Euclid] in [Alexandria] [circa] 300 BC. It is a collection of definitions, postulates ( [axiom] s), propositions ( [theorem] s and [constructions] ), and [mathematical proof] s of the propositions. The thirteen books cover [Euclidean geometry] and the ancient Greek version of elementary [number theory] . With the exception of [Autolycus'] On the Moving Sphere , the Elements is one of the oldest extant Greek mathematical treatises and it is the oldest extant axiomatic deductive treatment of [mathematics] .Ball (1960). It has proven instrumental in the development of [logic] and modern [science] .

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