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Falun Gong

Falun Gong (alternatively Falun Dafa ) is a system of beliefs and practices founded in China by [Li Hongzhi] in 1992. The practice emerged at the end of China's "qigong boom" in the early 1990s as a form of [qigong] . Falun Gong differs from competing qigong schools through its absence of daily rituals of worship, its greater emphasis on morality, and the theological nature of its teachings. [Falun Gong: Cult or Culture?] , ABC Radio National, 22 April 2001. Quote: " That the teacher, the leader, is regarded as being greater and more powerful than normal human beings; that the things that that teacher says are taken as truer and more real and more powerful than anything else, anybody else says, and that there is a well developed, I would call theology, but possibly doctrine, that includes morality, practice and a whole complete world view. So it looks like a religion to me. " While the Chinese government has declared Falun Gong to be a " [cult] " since 1999, Western academics generally describe Falun Gong as a [new religious movement] (NRM) or a "spiritual movement" based on the teachings of its founder, with a heavy emphasis on morality in its central tenets - Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance ,.Frank, Adam. (2004) Falun Gong and the threat of history. in Gods, guns, and globalization: religious radicalism and international political economy edited by Mary Ann T├ętreault, Robert Allen Denemark, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2004, ISBN 1588262537, pp 241-243 Its teachings are derived from [qigong] , [Buddhist] and [Taoist] concepts, and draw upon modern science.Benjamin Penny, [The Past, Present, and Future of Falun Gong] , 2001, accessed 16/3/08, Quote: " The best way to describe Falun Gong is as a cultivation system. Cultivation systems have been a feature of Chinese life for at least 2 500 years //" [Statement of Professor David Ownby] , Unofficial Religions in China: Beyond the Party's Rules , 2005. Quote: " The history of Falun Gong, and of the larger qigong movement from which Falun Gong emerged (...) The Falun Gong emerged in 1992, toward the end of the boom, and was in fact one of the least flamboyant of the schools of qigong "Ownby, David, "A History for Falun Gong: Popular Religion and the Chinese State Since the Ming Dynasty", Nova Religio, Vol. ,pp. 223-243

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