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Finland (pronounced ), officially the Republic of Finland , is a [Nordic country] situated in the [Fennoscandia] n region of [Northern Europe] . It is bordered by [Sweden] on the west, [Norway] on the north and [Russia] on the east, while [Estonia] lies to its south across the [Gulf of Finland] . The [capital] city is [Helsinki] .

Around 5.4 million people reside in Finland, with the majority concentrated in the southern part of the country. It is the [eighth largest country in Europe in terms of area] and the most [sparsely populated] country in the [European Union] . The native language of nearly all of the population is [Finnish] , which is part of the [Finno-Ugric language family] and is most closely related to [Estonian] . The language is one of only four official [EU languages] not of [Indo-European] origin. The second official language of Finland – [Swedish] – is the [native language] of 5.5% of the population. Finland is a [parliamentary] [republic] with a central government based in Helsinki and local governments in 342 municipalities. A total of about one million residents live in the [Greater Helsinki] area (which includes Helsinki, [Espoo] , [Kauniainen] , and [Vantaa] ), and a third of the country's [GDP] is produced there. Other major cities include [Tampere] , [Turku] , [Oulu] , [Jyväskylä] , [Kuopio] , and [Lahti] .

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