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is a [province] on the southeast coast of [China] . Fujian borders [Zhejiang] to the north, [Jiangxi] to the west, and [Guangdong] to the south. [Taiwan] lies to the east, across the [Taiwan Strait] . The name Fujian came from the combination of [Fuzhou] and [Jian'ou] , two cities in Fujian, during the [Tang Dynasty] . It is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse provinces in China with [Han Chinese] majority.

Most of Fujian is administered by the [People's Republic of China] . However, the archipelagos of [Kinmen] and [Matsu] are under the control of the [Republic of China] ( [Taiwan] ). Thus, there are two provinces (in the sense of government organizations; PRC's Fujian and [ROC's Fujian] ).

Recent archaeological discoveries demonstrate that Fujian (especially the northern coastal region around [Fuzhou] ) had entered the [Neolithic Age] by the middle of the 6th millennium BC. From the Keqiutou site (7450–5590 BP), an early Neolithic site in [Pingtan Island] located about 70 km southeast of Fuzhou, numerous tools made of stones, [shell] s, [bone] s, [jade] s, and [ceramic] s (including wheel-made-ceramics) have been unearthed, together with [spinning wheel] s, a definitive evidence of [weaving] .

The Tanshishan (昙石山) site (5500–4000 BP) in suburban Fuzhou spans the Neolithic and [Chalcolithic] Age where semi-underground circular buildings were found in the lower level. The Huangtulun (黄土崙) site (ca.1325 BC), also in suburban Fuzhou, was of the [Bronze Age] in character.

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