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Late Ming and early [Qing Dynasty] symbolized an era of large influx of refugees and another 20 years of sea trade ban under the [Kangxi Emperor] , a measure intended to counter the refuge Ming government of [Koxinga] in Taiwan. Incoming refugees, however, did not translate into a major labor force owing to their re-migration into prosperous regions of [Guangdong] province. In 1689, the Qing dynasty officially incorporated Taiwan into Fujian province. Settlement of Taiwan by [Han Chinese] followed, and the majority of people in Taiwan are descendants of emigrants from Southern Fujian. After Taiwan was separated into its own province in 1885 and ceded to Japan in 1895, Fujian arrived at its present extent. It was substantially influenced by the Japanese after the [Treaty of Shimonoseki] of 1895 until the [Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)] of [WWII] .

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