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Google China

Google China (, [pinyin] : ) is a subsidiary of [Google] , Inc., the world's largest Internet [search engine] company. Google China ranks as the number 2 search engine in the [People's Republic of China] , after [Baidu] . On March 22, 2010, Google began redirecting all traffic to (Google [Hong Kong] ), thereby bypassing Chinese regulators and allowing uncensored Simplified Chinese search results. As a [special entity recognized by international treaty] , Hong Kong is vested with independent [judicial power] [Hong Kong Basic Law] , Chapter II [Article 19] and not subject to Chinese laws, [Hong Kong Basic Law] , Chapter II [Article 18] including those requiring the restriction of free flow of information and censorship of internet materials.

Google in China timeline
- 2005: A Chinese-language interface is developed for the website.
- 2006: Launch of China-based search page with censored results.
- Mar 2009-present: [China] blocks access to [Google] 's [YouTube] site; access to other Google online services is denied to users on an ad hoc basis.
- Jan 2010: Google announces it is no longer willing to censor searches in China and may pull out of the country.
- Feb 2010: Hacking attacks on Google are traced to mainland China.

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