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Google China

- March 23, 2010: Google says it will re-route searches to Google Hong Kong. [China condemns decision by Google to lift censorship] Final sentence of the article reads "Google宣佈停止在中國提供過濾搜尋,並把搜尋引擎移到香港" (Google announced that searches in Google China will not be subject to censorship, and re-direct the entire search engine to Google Hong Kong.)

Google China was founded in 2005 and until September 4, 2009, was headed by [Kai-Fu Lee] , a former [Microsoft] executive and the founder in 1998 of [Microsoft Research Asia] . [ ldnews/asia/china/6143553/China-Goo gle-boss-departure-r] Microsoft sued Google and Kai-Fu Lee for the move, but reached a confidential settlement. [CNET Microsoft settles with Google over executive hire] (December 22, 2005) After four years leading Google China, Kai-Fu Lee announced his surprise departure to start a venture fund amid debate about the Chinese government's censorship policies and Google's decreasing share to rival [Baidu] .

Their Beijing based office was initially located at NCI Tower and later moved to [Tsinghua Science Park] in early 2006. The newest office has been in use since September 2006. It is a 10-floor building located in Tsinghua Science Park, near the south gate of [Tsinghua University] .

On March 23, 2010 at 3 am [Hong Kong Time] , Google started to redirect all search queries from to

Google China headquarters in Tsinghua Science Park, Beijing

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