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Greek mathematics

Greek mathematics , as that term is used in this article, is the [mathematics] written in [Greek] , developed from the [6th century BC] to the 5th century AD around the Eastern shores of the [Mediterranean] . The word "mathematics" itself derives from the ancient Greek μάθημα ( mathema ), meaning "subject of instruction".. The study of mathematics for its own sake and the use of generalized mathematical theories and proofs is the key difference between Greek mathematics and those of preceding civilizations.

Origins of Greek mathematics
The origins of Greek mathematics are not easily documentable. While no direct evidence is available, it is generally thought that the neighboring [Babylonian] s and [Egyptians] had an influence on the younger Greek tradition. Between 800 BC and 600 BC Greek mathematics generally lagged behind Greek literature, and there is very little known about Greek mathematics from this period—nearly all of which was passed down through later authors, beginning in the mid-4th century BC. Boyer & Merzbach (1991) pp. 43-61

Classical period

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