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(; [Postal map spelling] : Hopeh ) is a [northern] [province] of the [People's Republic of China] . Its one- [character] abbreviation is "" ( [pinyin] : jì), named after [Ji Province] ( Jì Zhōu), a [Han Dynasty] province ( [zhou] ) that included southern Hebei. The name Hebei means "north of [the (Yellow) River] ".

In 1928 Hebei was formed after the central government dissolved the province of [Zhili] ,, which means "Directly Ruled (by the Imperial Court)".

Hebei completely surrounds [Beijing] and [Tianjin] municipalities (which also border each other). It borders [Liaoning] to the northeast, [Inner Mongolia] to the north, [Shanxi] to the west, [Henan] to the south, and [Shandong] to the southeast. [Bohai Bay] of the [Yellow Sea] is to the east. A small part of Hebei, an [exclave] disjointed from the rest of the province, is wedged between the municipalities of Beijing and Tianjin.

A common alternate name for Hebei is Yānzhào ,, after the [state of Yan] and [state of Zhao] that existed here during the [Warring States Period] of early Chinese history.

Plains in Hebei were the home of [Peking man] , a group of [Homo erectus] that lived in the area around 200,000 to 700,000 years ago. [Neolithic] findings at the [prehistoric Beifudi site] date back to 7000 and 8000 BCE.

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