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Hong Kong dollar

The Hong Kong dollar ( [sign] : $ ; [code] : HKD ) is the [currency] of [Hong Kong] . It is the 9th most traded currency in the world. In [English] , it is normally abbreviated with the [dollar sign] $ , or alternatively HK$ to distinguish it from other [dollar] -denominated currencies. The dollar is subdivided into 100 [cents] .

In formal [Cantonese] , the 圓 character is used. In spoken Cantonese, 蚊 is used, perhaps a [transliteration] of the first syllable of "money", although some suggest that the character is a [corruption] of 緡 . 元 is also used informally. The dollar is divided into 100 cents, with the character 仙 (a transliteration of "cent") used on coins and in spoken Cantonese. 分 is used in [Mandarin] . The amount of 10 cents is called 1 houh in Cantonese (毫 on coins and in spoken Cantonese, 毫子 in colloquial speech, 角 in Mandarin). The mil was known as the man or tsin in Cantonese (文 or 千 on coins and in spoken Cantonese and Mandarin).

To express prices in spoken Cantonese, for example $7.80, the phrase is 七個八 (chat go baat, seven units and eight [decimals]); in financial terms, where integer values in cents exist, e.g., $6.75, the phrase is 六個七毫半 (luhk go chat houh bun, six and seven "houh" half) ["bun" in Yale Romanisation sounds like the American pronunciation of "boon"] (fives in cents is normally expressed as "half", unless followed by another five, such as 55 cents when preceded by a dollar value); $7.08 is 七蚊零八仙 (seven dollars "ling" (zero) eight cents).

Slang terms
In Hong Kong, the following are slang terms used to refer to various amounts of money:

- 辰砂: cents (Rarely used; lit. [cinnabar] , [ground] (therefore small-size) which used in [Chinese medicine] )

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