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Immigration to Macau

With the increase in prosperity and the expansion of the [economy] in [Macau] , there is a growing demand from all over the [world] for [residency] in the [Special Administrative Region] .

Immigration Categories

There are 4 categories for Macau [Residency] Application, including:

- Foreign investors currently engaged in [manufacturing] , services, hotels or similar industries

- Potential foreign investors who plan to invest in industrial units, service industries, hotel industries or similar industries

- Investment in fixed assets or other tangible productive assets - most notably is investment in [real estate] property

- Technical or "talent" immigrants - Management staff and professional technicians

Among the above, the third type is the most commonly used.

Criterion for investment in fixed assets

The criterion for [investment] in fixed assets is that the investment should not be less than MOP1 million (about USD125,000). The most popular form of investment in Macau is the acquisition of real estate of not less than MOP1 million. This investment should be by way of [fund] transferred from a country outside Macau and the relative bank loan, if any, should not be obtained in Macau or from a [bank] in Macau and the real estate is free from any [mortgage] or charge.

Applicants' spouses or co-inhibitors

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