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Something (a [company] , [language] or [organization] ) international mostly means that it involves more than one [nation] ( [country] ). The term international as a word means involvement of, interaction between or encompassing more than one nation, or generally reaching beyond national boundaries. For example, [international law] , which is applied by more than one country over the [world] , and [international language] which is a language spoken by [residents] of more than one country.

In [American English] , "International" is also commonly used as a [euphemism] for "foreign" or even "foreigner."

Meaning in particular fields

- In [team sports] , "international" commonly refers either to a [match] between two national teams, or to a player [capped] by his national team.

- In [politics] , "The International" may refer to a [political international] .

- In linguistics, an "international language" is one spoken by the people of at least two nations, but preferably a large number of nations. Also called [world language] . Such as: [English] , [Spanish] , [French] and [Arabic] .

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