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Joe Jackson (manager)

Joseph Walter "Joe" Jackson (born July 26, 1929) is an American [talent manager] and the father of the [Jackson family] of entertainers which includes [The Jackson 5] .

Early life
Joseph Jackson was born in [Fountain Hill, Arkansas] , [ cle-1453-joe-jackson-turns-80.html] the eldest of four to Samuel Jackson and Crystal Lee King. [Ancestry of Michael Jackson] His parents separated when he was 12. He moved with his father to [Oakland, California] , where he lived until after turning 18 when he moved to [East Chicago] , [Indiana] , to live near his mother. While there, he met his future wife [Katherine Scruse] . After a brief marriage to another woman and then an annulment, Joseph and Katherine began a courtship resulting in their November 5, 1949 wedding. Settling in [Gary, Indiana] , Joseph, a former boxer, worked full-time as a crane operator at Gary's [U.S. Steel] company, while Katherine tended to their children. In the mid-1950s, Joseph started a music career with his brother Luther, playing guitar in a band called The Falcons. The group split up a couple of years later after failing to get a recording deal. Joseph returned full time to his job at U.S. Steel.

The Jackson 5

By 1964, Joseph had discovered that his three eldest sons, [Jackie] , [Tito] and [Jermaine] , had musical talent. He had Tito play for him with Jackie and Jermaine backing up vocally. Seeing their budding talent, he helped form an early incarnation of [The Jackson 5] with two neighborhood youths though eventually younger brothers [Marlon] and [Michael] joined.

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