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Kahuta ( [Urdu] : کہوٹہ ) is the main city of [Kahuta Tehsil] a subdivision of [Rawalpindi District] , [Pakistan] ..

Notable places

Kahuta is famous for the [Kahuta Research Laboratories] , Pakistan's main facility for scientific research in the field of [nuclear technology] . Kahuta is also noted for its nuclear research studies and nuclear development technologies. Kahuta came into government response in [March] of [1984] , with a close collaboration of military administrator [Lieutenant General Zahid Ali Akbar] , [Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL)] ( then known as [Engineering Research Laboratories] ), under the leadership of dr. [Abdul Qadeer Khan] , had independently carried out its own cold tests of its nuclear device near Kahuta.

It has mainly pleasant weather and magnificent hill sides and fantastic streams and river.It sometimes snows on the hill tops in winters. There are many picnic spots like Narar (Narh), Azad Pattan, Tlaitar, Beyore etc in kahuta.The population of Tehsil Kahuta is near by 60,000. many of whom are employees of the civil service and self employed.The area is noted for its wildlife and hunting.Although people of different sects live in Kahuta, the Malik (Awan) dominate the area.
Narh is a beautiful and famous place of kahuta.It is a full hilly area and best village of narh is mohra minhas.


(Satti's are in majority)

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