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Kaliningrad Oblast

Kaliningrad Oblast (, Kaliningradskaya oblast ) is a [federal subject] of [Russia] (an [oblast] ) situated on the [Baltic] [coast] . It has a population of .

The oblast forms the westernmost part of the Russian Federation, but it has no land connection to the rest of Russia. Since the [fall of the Soviet Union] it has been an [exclave] of Russia surrounded by [Lithuania] , [Poland] , and the [Baltic Sea] . Borderless travel to the main part of Russia is only possible by sea or air. This political isolation became more pronounced when [Lithuania] and [Poland] both became members of the [European Union] and [NATO] , and entered the [Schengen Zone] , which means that the oblast is surrounded by the territories of these organizations as well.

The oblast's largest [city] and the administrative center is [Kaliningrad] ( [formerly known as] [Königsberg] ), which has historical significance as both a major city of the historical state of [Prussia] and the capital of the former [German] province of [East Prussia] , partitioned after [World War II] between the [USSR] and [Poland] , and renamed after [Mikhail Kalinin] .

The territory of the Kaliningrad Oblast coincides with that of the northern part of historical [East Prussia] , (German: Nord-Ostpreussen ), which was a part of [Germany] until 1945. In that year, it was occupied by the Soviet Union, cleared of its original population, and officially annexed to [Russia] under the interpretation of the protocols of the [Potsdam Conference] , except the [Memelland] , which was annexed to the [Lithuanian SSR] , at the time also part of the [Soviet Union] .

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