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List of countries and outlying territories by total area

This is a list of the [sovereign state] s and dependent territories of the world, sorted by total area, including all entities on the ISO standard [ISO 3166-1] .

For statistical purposes, [dependent territories] are listed separately from their sovereign states and are set off in italics. The figures represent total [area] s, covering [land] and [inland water bodies] (lakes, reservoirs, rivers). Some entries may also include marine internal waters (coastal waters). [Territorial waters] and [Exclusive Economic Zone] s are not included.

Also not included in the list are uninhabited dependent territories – including various countries' claims to parts of the continent of [Antarctica] , – and entities such as the [European Union] ( total area) that have some degree of sovereignty but do not consider themselves to be sovereign countries or dependent territories. The total land area of the world is (about 29.1% of the Earth's surface area).

Countries by total area

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