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MTV (formerly an initialism for Music Television ) is an [American] [cable television] network based in [New York City] that launched on August 1, 1981. The original purpose of the channel was to play [music video] s guided by on-air hosts known as [VJs] . Today, MTV still plays a limited selection of music videos, but the channel primarily broadcasts a variety of [popular culture] and [reality] [television shows] targeted at adolescents and young adults.

Since its premiere, MTV has had a profound impact on the [music industry] and [popular culture] . Slogans such as "I want my MTV" became embedded in public thought, the concept of the [VJ] was popularized, the idea of a dedicated video-based outlet for music was introduced, and both artists and fans found a central location for [music events] , news, and [promotion] . MTV has also been referenced countless times in popular culture by musicians, other [TV channel] s and [shows] , films and books.

MTV has spawned numerous [sister channels in the U.S. and affiliated channels internationally] . MTV's moral influence on young people, including issues related to [censorship] and [social activism] , has been a subject of debate for years. MTV's choice to focus on non-music programming has also been contested relentlessly since the 1990s, demonstrating the channel's impact on popular culture.

The launch of MTV

Numerous events led to the debut of MTV: Music Television in 1981, which itself was remembered through reintroduction as a historic moment in music and popular culture. After MTV's debut, other networks took notice and launched similar projects.

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