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Neustar, Inc. , offers directory and clearinghouse services to both large and small telecommunications service providers. They are also the current operator of the [.us] [ccTLD] and the [.biz] [gTLD] .

Neustar was founded in 1996 as a division of [Lockheed Martin] to meet the technical and operational challenges of the communications industry when the U.S. government mandated [local number portability] (LNP) in 1996. Today, NeuStar offers a range of clearinghouse and other services alongside its original LNP services.

Neustar was acquired from Lockheed Martin and [incorporated in Delaware] in 1998. The company is based in [Sterling, Virginia] .

Business overview
Neustar operates the directories that manage virtually all telephone area codes and numbers, and enables the routing of calls among thousands of competing communication service providers in the [United States] and [Canada] . Neustar’s customers use the databases that Neustar maintains to obtain the data required to successfully route telephone calls in the United States and Canada, to exchange information with other communication service providers, and to manage technological changes in their own networks.

Neustar administers the U.S. Common [Short Code] s directory, which provides special numbers for [SMS] , and offers mobile messaging solutions to wireless carriers.

Neustar also provides [DNS] services and manages the [.us] and [.biz] [top level Internet domain] s. Neustar provides registry and DNS services for [.tel] by agreement with [Telnic] .

Service offerings
Addressing Services
- [North American Numbering Plan] Administration (NANPA)
- National Pooling Administration (NPA)
- NeuStar UltraDNS Services
- Domain Registry Services
- U.S. Common [Short Codes]

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