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Ode Records

Ode Records was a [record label] , started by [Lou Adler] in [1967] after he sold [Dunhill Records] to [ABC Records] . It was distributed by [CBS Records] until 1969. Between 1970 and 1976 the label was distributed by [A&M Records] , from 1976 onward it was again distributed by CBS Records.

Adler deactivated the label several times including another short run with A&M in 1989 as Ode Sounds. It was disbanded when A&M was sold to [PolyGram] in late [1989] .

Ode is now part of [Sony Music Entertainment] , but the [Cheech & Chong] catalogue is controlled by [Warner Music Group] .

- [Spirit (band)]
- [Carole King]
- [Merry Clayton]
- [Tom Scott]
- [Cheech & Chong]
- [Scott McKenzie]
- [Peggy Lipton]
- [The Comfortable Chair]
- [The Rocky Horror Show]
- [The Rocky Horror Picture Show]
- [The Blossoms]

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