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OpenNet Initiative

The OpenNet Initiative is a joint project whose goal is to monitor and report on [internet filtering] and [surveillance] practices by nations. The project employs a number of technical means, as well as an international network of investigators, to determine the extent and nature of government-run internet filtering programs. Participating academic institutions include the [Citizen Lab] at the [Munk Centre for International Studies] , [University of Toronto] ; [Berkman Center for Internet & Society] at [Harvard Law School] ; the [Oxford Internet Institute] (OII) at [University of Oxford] ; and, [The SecDev Group] which took over from the Advanced Network Research Group at the [Cambridge Security Programme] , [University of Cambridge] .

The ONI uses several methods to test and document internet censorship in a country.
- Development and deployment of a suite of technical enumeration tools and core methodologies for the study of Internet filtering and surveillance;
- Capacity-building among networks of local advocates and researchers;
- Advanced studies exploring the consequences of current and future trends and trajectories in filtering and surveillance practices, and their implications for domestic and international law and governance regimes.

ONI Principal Investigators
The ONI principal investigators are:

- [Ronald Deibert] : Director , The Citizen Lab, Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto
- [John Palfrey] : Executive Director , Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School
- [Rafal Rohozinski] : Principal , [The Secdev Group] , (former Director, Advanced Network Research Group, Cambridge Security Programme, University of Cambridge)
- [Jonathan Zittrain] : Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation , Oxford University

Major Accomplishments
ONI Asia

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