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A [peach] is a type of fruit that is light orange in color and fuzzy.

Peaches may refer to:

- [Peaches (musician)] , a Canadian-born electroclash musician
- ["Peaches" (The Presidents of the United States of America song)] , by the band The Presidents of the United States of America
- ["Peaches" (The Stranglers song)] , by the rock group The Stranglers
- [''Peaches''] , a 2004 movie starring Emma Lung as a teenage girl
- [Peaches (porn star)] , a Hungarian porn star
- [Peaches Geldof] , daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates
- [Peaches & Herb] , a 1970s vocalist duo
- [The Peaches] , a 1963 short film directed by Michael Gill, written by his then wife [Yvonne Gilan] , starring [Juliet Harmer]
- [Lori Fullington] , who wrestled as "Peaches"
- [Peaches (Swedish Duo)] , Swedish child duo
- [Grant "Peaches" Napear] , A sports announcer and radio talk show host from Sacramento, CA, USA.
- [Peaches (music store)] , a defunct U.S. chain of record stores
- [Peaches Browning] , actress whose marriage at age 16 to a 51-year-old millionaire created a sensation in 1926

Peaches is also:

- a character in the film [Ken Park]
- a fictional character on the show [Rocko's Modern Life]
- one of [Weebl's cartoons]
- a character in Sam Hurt's comic strip [Eyebeam (comic)] and its spinoff, Queen of the Universe
- a baby [wooly mammoth] in computer animated family film [Ice Age 3] .

See also:

- [Peach (disambiguation)]

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