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Saint Petersburg State University

Saint Petersburg State University , is a [Russia] n federal state-owned [higher education institution] based in [Saint Petersburg] and one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious universities in Russia.

It is made up of 20 specialized faculties, 13 research institutes, Canada College, Faculty of Military Studies, and a Chair of Physical Culture and Sports. As of 2004, the university had a teaching staff of 4,055. The university has two main [campus] es: on [Vasilievsky Island] and in [Peterhof] . During the Soviet period, it was known as Leningrad State University (Ленинградский государственный университет)

Reputation and international rankings
The Twelve Collegia building on Vasilievsky Island in Saint Petersburg is the university's main building and the seat of the rector and administration (the building was constructed on the orders of Peter the Great)
Saint Petersburg State University is considered the second best university in Russia after Moscow State University and is [ranked] 84th worldwide by the [Global University Ranking] 2009, 239th on the 2007 [THES - QS World University Rankings] , 305th–402nd on the 2007 [Academic Ranking of World Universities] and 421st (score 22.79%) on the [Wuhan University's Rankings] .

The university has a reputation for having educated a number of Russia's most prominent politicians; these include presidents [Vladimir Putin] and [Dimitry Medvedev] , both of whom studied Law at the university.

The university usually holds a relatively high place in the various world rankings (placed 2nd in Russia after [Moscow State University] in the [THES - QS World University Rankings] ) and has established itself as one of Russia's premier institutions of higher education.

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