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Portugal , officially the Portuguese Republic ,, is a country located in southwestern [Europe] on the [Iberian Peninsula] . Portugal is the westernmost country of [mainland Europe] and is bordered by the [Atlantic Ocean] to the west and south and by [Spain] to the north and east. The Atlantic [archipelago] s of the [Azores] and [Madeira] are also part of Portugal.

The land within the borders of today's Portuguese Republic has been continuously settled since [prehistoric times] . [Gallaeci] , [Lusitanians] , [Celtici] , [Cynetes] , [Phoenicians] , [Carthaginians] [Romans] and many [Germanic tribes] such as the [Suevi] , the [Buri] and the [Visigoths] , all left their influence on what is today Portuguese territory. The territory was integrated in the [Roman Empire] as the province of [Lusitania] and Roman settlers strongly influenced Portuguese culture, particularly the [Portuguese language] , mostly derived from [Latin] . In the 5th century, after the fall of the [Roman empire] , it was occupied by different Germanic tribes. In the early 8th century the [Muslim] [Moors] conquered the [Christian] Germanic kingdoms, occupying most of the [Iberian Peninsula] .

During the Christian [Reconquista] (Reconquering), the [County of Portugal] was settled, as part of the [Kingdom of Galicia] . With the [establishment of the Kingdom] recognized in 1143 and the stabilization of its borders 1249, Portugal claims to be the oldest European [nation-state] .

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