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Richard Hamilton (mathematician)

Richard Streit Hamilton (born 1943) is professor of [mathematics] at [Columbia University] .

He received his [Ph.D.] in 1966 from [Princeton University] . [Robert Gunning] supervised his thesis. Hamilton has taught at [UC Irvine] , [UC San Diego] , [Cornell University] , and [Columbia University] .

Hamilton's mathematical contributions are primarily in the field of [differential geometry] and more specifically [geometric analysis] . He is best known for having discovered the [Ricci flow] and suggesting the research program that ultimately led to the proof, by [Grigori Perelman] , of the [Thurston] [geometrization conjecture] and the [solution of the Poincaré conjecture] .

Hamilton was awarded the [Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry] in 1996 and the [Clay Research Award] in 2003. He was elected to the [National Academy of Sciences] in 1999 and the [American Academy of Arts and Sciences] in 2003. He also received the AMS [Leroy P. Steele Prize] for a Seminal Contribution to Research in 2009.

Selected publications
- The paper that introduced Ricci flow.
- .

External links
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- [1996 Veblen Prize citation]
- [Lecture by Hamilton on Ricci flow]

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