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Russia is a [great power] and a permanent member of the [United Nations Security Council] , a member of the [G8] , [G20] , the [Council of Europe] , the [Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation] , the [Shanghai Cooperation Organization] and the [Eurasian Economic Community] , the [OSCE] , and is the leading member of the [Commonwealth of Independent States] . The Russian nation has a long tradition of [excellence in every aspect of the arts] and sciences, as well as a [strong tradition in technology] , including such significant achievements as the [first human spaceflight] .


Russia is the [largest country in the world] ; its total area is . The country [contains 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites] , 40 UNESCO [Biosphere reserve] s, 40 [National Parks] and 101 [nature reserves] . Russia has a wide natural resource base, including major deposits of [timber] , [petroleum] , [natural gas] , [coal] , [ore] s and other [mineral resources] .

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