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Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239

Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239 ,, is a public high school in [Saint Petersburg] , [Russia] that specializes in [mathematics] and [physics] . The school opened in [1918] and it became a specialized city school in [1961] . The school is noted for its strong academic programs. It is the alma mater of numerous winners of [International Mathematical Olympiads] and it has produced many notable alumni.

Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239, January 2008

The school was founded in [1918] . Originally, it was located in the Lobanov-Rostovsky house, also known as "house with lions" at the corner of [Saint Isaac's Square] and [Admiralteysky Prospect] . It was one of only handful of schools to remain open during [Siege of Leningrad] . In [1961] the school was granted status of city's school with specialization in physics and mathematics. In [1964] school moved to the building on Kazansky Street 48/1, which was previously occupied by school of working youth, and in [1966] it moved again to [Moika River] , 108. Finally, in [1975] the school relocated to its current location, into the historic [Annenschule] building.
In [1990] , the Russian Ministry of Education granted school the status of physico-mathematical lyceum and experimental laboratory for standard of education in physics, mathematics and informatics in Saint Petersburg. In [1994] , the school won the [George Soros] grant. US Mathematical society voted the school as one of top ten schools in the [Commonwealth of Independent States] .

Famous alumni
Annenschule gymnasium in 1912.
- [Yelena Bonner] (? - [1940] ) - human rights activist (widow of [Andrei Sakharov] )
- [Alisa Freindlich] ( [1941] — [1943] , ?— [1953] ) - major Russian movie and theater actress

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