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Shape of the Universe

The shape of the Universe is an informal name for a subject of investigation within [physical cosmology] which describes the [geometry] of the [universe] including both [local geometry] and [global geometry] . It is loosely divided into curvature and [topology] , even though strictly speaking, it goes beyond both. More formally, the subject in practice investigates which [3-manifold] corresponds to the spatial section in [comoving coordinates] of the 4-dimensional [space-time] of the Universe.

Analysis of data from [WMAP] implies that the universe is [spatially flat] with only a 2% margin of error.

Considerations of the shape of the universe can be split into two parts; the local geometry relates especially to the curvature of the universe at points everywhere, and especially in the [observable universe] , while the global geometry relates especially to the topology of the universe as a whole — which may or may not be within our ability to measure.

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