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Joint Declaration on the Question of Macau

The Joint Declaration on the Question of Macau , or Sino-Portuguese Joint Declaration , was an important [treaty] between [Portugal] and the [People's Republic of China] over the status of [Macau] . The full name of the treaty is Joint declaration of the Government of the People's Republic of China and The Government of the Republic of Portugal on the question of Macao . Signed in March, 1987 the Declaration established the process and conditions of the transfer of the territory from Portuguese rule to the People's Republic of China. The process was similar to the transfer of [Hong Kong] to Chinese sovereignty by the [United Kingdom] in 1997.

By the 17th century, Portugal had established colonial rule over Macau after gaining concessions from various Chinese governments. In 1887, Portugal and the [Qing dynasty] signed the Sino-Portuguese Draft Minutes and the Beijing Treaty , in which China ceded to Portugal the right to "perpetual occupation and government of Macau"; conversely, Portugal pledged to seek China's approval before transferring Macau to another country. Colonial rule continued until 1974, when the [Carnation revolution] installed a democratic regime in Portugal that sought to end colonialism. Bilateral talks between China and Portugal led to the status of Macau being established as Chinese territory under Portuguese administration. The full framework of transfer of sovereignty was decided in 1987 with the Sino-Portuguese Joint Declaration.


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