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Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment (or Sony Music ) is the second-largest global [recorded music company] of the "big four" record companies and is controlled by [Sony Corporation of America] .

The company which evolved into Sony Music was founded in 1929 as the [American Record Corporation] (ARC) through the merger of several smaller record companies. In the depths of the [Great Depression] , the [Columbia Phonograph Company] (founded in 1888) in the U.S. (including its [Okeh Records] subsidiary) was acquired by ARC in 1934. ARC was acquired in 1938 by the [Columbia Broadcasting System] (CBS) (which itself had been formed by the Columbia Phonograph Company, but then sold off). CBS made Columbia its flagship label with Okeh its subsidiary label while deemphasizing ARC's other labels. [CBS] founded [Epic Records] in 1953.

In 1958, CBS founded another label, [Date Records] , which initially issued [rockabilly] music.

CBS only had the rights to the Columbia name in the [United States] and [Canada] . The Columbia Phonograph Company had international subsidiaries and affiliates such as the [Columbia Graphophone Company] in the [United Kingdom] , but they were sold off prior to CBS acquiring American Columbia, therefore the international arm founded in 1961 utilized the "CBS Records" name only.

In 1966, the Date subsidiary label was repurposed mainly for the soul music outlet. This label released the first string of hits for [Peaches & Herb] . Date's biggest success was Time Of The Season by [The Zombies] , peaking at #2 in 1969. The label was discontinued in 1972.

Epic distributed [Ode Records] between 1967 and 1969 and between 1976 and 1979.

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