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Sony Music Entertainment

In March 1968, [CBS] and [Sony] formed CBS/Sony Records, a Japanese business joint venture. With Sony being one of the developers behind the [compact disc] digital music media, a [compact disc] production plant was constructed in Japan under the joint venture, allowing CBS to begin supplying some of the first compact disc releases for the American market in 1983.

In 1970 CBS Records revived the [Embassy Records] imprint in UK and Europe, which had been defunct since CBS had taken control of Embassy's parent company, Oriole, in 1964. The purpose of the revived Embassy imprint was to release budget reissues of albums that had originally been released in the [United States] on Columbia Records (or its subsidiaries). Many albums, by artists as diverse as [Andy Williams] , [Johnny Cash] , [Barbra Streisand] , [The Byrds] , [Tammy Wynette] , [Laura Nyro] and [Sly & the Family Stone] were issued on Embassy, before the label was once again discontinued in 1980.

In the 1980's to early 90's there was a CBS imprint label in the US known as CBS Associated Records. [Tony Martell] , veteran CBS and Epic Records A&R Vice President was head of this label and signed artists including [Ozzy Osbourne] , [The Fabulous Thunderbirds] , [Electric Light Orchestra] , [Joan Jett] , and [Henry Lee Summer] . This label was a part of (Epic/Portrait/Associated) wing of sub labels at CBS which shared the same national and regional staff as the rest of Epic Records and was a part of the full CBS Records worldwide distribution system.

On November 17, 1987, the [Sony Corporation of America] acquired CBS Records, which hosted such act as [Michael Jackson] , for US$2 billion. CBS Inc., now [CBS Corporation] , retained the rights to the CBS name for music recordings but granted Sony a temporary license to use the CBS name. [CBS Corporation] founded a new [CBS Records] in 2006.

Birth of Sony Music Entertainment

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