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Soviet Union

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ( USSR ) was a [constitutionally] [socialist state] that existed in [Eurasia] from 1922 to 1991. The name is a translation of the , abbreviated СССР, SSSR . The common short name is Soviet Union , from , Sovetskiy Soyuz . A [soviet] is a council, the theoretical basis for the [socialist] society of the USSR.

Emerging from the [Russian Empire] after the [Russian Revolution of 1917] and the [Russian Civil War] of 1918–1921, the USSR was a union of several [Soviet republics] , but the [synecdoche] Russia —after the [Russian SFSR] , its largest and most populous [constituent state] —continued to be commonly used throughout the country's existence. The geographic boundaries of the USSR varied with time, but after the last major territorial annexations of the [Baltic states] , [eastern Poland] , [Bessarabia] , and certain other territories during [World War II] , from 1945 until dissolution, the boundaries approximately corresponded to those of late [Imperial Russia] , with the notable exclusions of [Poland] and [Finland] .

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