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Taiwan independence

Taiwan independence is a [political movement] whose goal is primarily to create an independent and sovereign [Republic of Taiwan] out of the lands currently governed by the [Republic of China (ROC)] (commonly known as " [Taiwan] ") and claimed by the [People's Republic of China (PRC)] .

This movement is supported by the [Pan-Green Coalition] in [Taiwan] and opposed by the [Pan-Blue Coalition] which supports [reunification] with [mainland China] at some point. Due to the PRC's claim of sovereignty over Taiwan and repeated threats made by the PRC, a formal [declaration of independence] could lead to a military confrontation between the [Military of the Republic of China] and the [People's Liberation Army] , escalating and involving other countries, such as the [United States] and [Japan] .

Prior to 1895 both Taiwan and mainland China were part of the [Qing Empire] . For four years after [World War II] , both Taiwan and parts of mainland China were governed by the ROC. Taiwan has been controlled by the ROC since 1945. The ROC has controlled only Taiwan and several small islands since 1949, when mainland China was brought completely under control by the People's Republic. Whether this control by the ROC makes Taiwan already independent or not is disputed.

History of the movement

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