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The Girl Is Mine

" The Girl Is Mine " is a song recorded by [Michael Jackson] and [Paul McCartney] . The track was written by the former and produced by he and [Quincy Jones] for the singer's sixth solo album, [Thriller] (1982). The song was recorded at [Westlake Studios] , [Los Angeles] , from April 14 to 16, 1982. The year before, Jackson and McCartney had recorded " [Say Say Say] " and "The Man" for the latter's fifth solo album, [Pipes of Peace] (1983).

Some of the public were not impressed by "The Girl Is Mine", as they felt that Jackson and Jones had created a song for the [white] pop audience. Despite the public feeling, "The Girl Is Mine" achieved success in the music charts. Aside from topping the [R&B singles chart] , the single peaked at number two on the [''Billboard'' Hot 100] and number eight in the UK. By 1985, it had sold 1.3 million copies, and was eventually [certified] platinum by the [Recording Industry Association of America] , for shipments of at least one million units.

"The Girl Is Mine" has been the subject of two plagiarism lawsuits. Both instances required Jackson to testify in court, and each lawsuit found in the favour of the singer and his record label. In 2008, for the [25th anniversary edition of ''Thriller''] , [Black Eyed Peas] singer [] remixed "The Girl Is Mine". The remix received generally unfavourable reviews from music critics.


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