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Thriller (album)

Thriller is the sixth [studio album] by American recording artist [Michael Jackson] . It was released on November 30, 1982 by [Epic Records] as the follow-up to Jackson's critically and commercially successful 1979 album [Off the Wall] . Thriller explores similar genres to those of Off the Wall , including [funk] , [soul] , [pop] , [easy listening] , [R&B] , [rock] and [post-disco] music.

Recording sessions took place between April and November 1982 at [Westlake Recording Studios] in [Los Angeles, California] , with a production budget of [$] 750,000. [artist development] Assisted by producer [Quincy Jones] , Jackson wrote four of Thriller s nine tracks. In just over a year, Thriller became—and currently remains—the [best-selling album] of all time, with sales over 110 million copies worldwide, and as the best-selling album in the United States. Seven of the album's nine songs were released as singles, and all reached the top 10 on the [''Billboard'' Hot 100] . The album won a record-breaking eight [Grammy Awards] at the [1984 Grammys] .

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