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(; [Postal map spelling] : Tientsin ) is the sixth largest city of the [People's Republic of China] in terms of urban population. Administratively it is one of the four [municipalities] that have [provincial-level] status, reporting directly to the central government. Also, its urban land area is the fifth largest in China, ranked only after [Beijing] , [Shanghai] , [Guangzhou] and [Shenzhen] .

Tianjin's urban area is located along the [Hai He River] , which connects to the [Yellow] and [Yangtze] Rivers via the [Grand Canal] in Tianjin. Its ports, some distance away, are located on the [Bohai Gulf] in the [Pacific Ocean] . Tianjin was once home to foreign concessions in the late [Qing Dynasty] and early [Kuomintang] (KMT) era. The municipality incorporates the coastal region of [Tanggu] , home to the [Binhai New Area] and the [Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area] (TEDA). Tianjin Municipality borders [Hebei] province to the north, south, and west; the Chinese capital Beijing is to the northwest, and the Bohai Gulf to the east.


The land where Tianjin lies today was created in historical times by [sediment] ation of various rivers entering the sea at [Bohai Gulf] (渤海湾), including the [Yellow River] , which entered the sea in this area at one point.

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