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Transfer of sovereignty of Macau

Seal of Macau Special Administrative Region
The transfer of sovereignty of [Macau] from the [Portuguese Republic] to the [People's Republic of China] (PRC) occurred on 20 December 1999.

Sino-Portuguese Lisbon Agreement, which was signed in 1887. [Portuguese] merchants began to settle in [Macau] as early as the [Ming Dynasty] (which ruled from 1368 onward). In 1583, the Portuguese residents established their own assembly to enforce autonomous rule without the permission of the Chinese government. However, Portugal was still obliged to pay the Ming Dynasty and later, the [Qing Dynasty] , of silver as a token of annual lease. Because of the Portuguese settlers and the activities of [Japan] ese [Wokou] , the Ming Dynasty tightened its control over Macau between 1608 and 1614. In 1623, the Portuguese government appointed [D. Francisco Mascarenhas] as the [Governor of Macau] . At first, the governor was only responsible for the defense of Macau, and [Fortaleza do Monte] was constructed for this purpose. In 1749, the Qing government issued a complete set of guidelines for Portugal's administration of Macau and carved the Portuguese version on a stela in the EdifĂ­cio do [Leal Senado] . However, the Governor of Macau, the representative of Portugal, gradually took over the power of the Senado.

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