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The arXiv ( [pronounced] " [archive] ", as if the "X" were the [Greek letter] [Chi] , χ) is an archive for electronic [preprint] s of [scientific paper] s in the fields of [mathematics] , [physics] , [computer science] , quantitative [biology] and [statistics] which can be accessed via the [world wide web] . In many fields of mathematics and physics, almost all scientific papers are placed on the arXiv. On 3 October 2008, passed the half-million article milestone, with roughly five thousand new e-prints added every month.


The arXiv was originally developed by [Paul Ginsparg] and started in 1991 as a [repository] for preprints in physics and later expanded to include astronomy, mathematics, computer science, [nonlinear] science, quantitative [biology] and, most recently, statistics. It soon became obvious that there was a demand for long term preservation of preprints. The term [e-print] was adopted to describe the articles. Ginsparg was awarded a [MacArthur Fellowship] in 2002 for his establishment of arXiv.

It was originally [hosted] at the [Los Alamos National Laboratory] (at, hence its former name, the LANL preprint archive ) and is now hosted and operated by [Cornell University] , with [mirrors] around the world. It changed its name and address to in 1999 for greater flexibility.

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