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Borders of Russia

[Russia] has international borders with 14 sovereign states as well as [South Ossettia] and [Abkhazia] , which are both recognised as sovereign states by Russia and a small number of other countries. With a land border of in total it has, behind [China] , the second-longest land border of any country.

Table of countries with a land border with Russia listed anti-clockwise around Russia.

Statistics for Abkhazia and South Ossettia needed.
Border with China

The Sino-Russian border is the world's sixth-longest international border. However, it is split into two, one to the east of [Mongolia] and a much shorter one to the west.

The eastern border is over 3500 kilometres in length, with its true length only having been established in 1999 following a joint venture, and measured as .Sébastien Colin, Le développement des relations frontalières entre la Chine et la Russie , études du CERI n°96, July 2003. It starts at the eastern China - Mongolia - Russia [tripoint] , and runs north-east, followed by south-east along the [Argun] and [Amur] rivers, and finally south-west along the [Tumen River] to the border with [North Korea] at ,, only a few kilometres before the river flows into the [Pacific Ocean] .


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