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Mainland is a name given to a large landmass in a region (as contrasted with a nearby [island] or islands), or to the largest of a group of islands in an archipelago. Sometimes its residents are called " [Mainlander] s". As a result of the usually larger area of mainland, there are significantly more mainlanders than islanders, and mainlander culture and politics sometimes threaten to dominate those of the islands.

Prominent uses of the term include:
- Mainland [Australia] , as opposed to [Tasmania] .
- [British] Mainland (i.e. the island of [Great Britain] ), as opposed to the [Channel Islands] , the [Isle of Man] , [Northern Ireland] (although when used to differentiate Britain from [Ireland] it can be considered an offensive usage) or any other British island. On the [Isle of Wight] in 1982, [Paul Theroux] overheard residents at Ventnor: "and now they were talking about 'the mainland', as if we were far at sea and not twenty minutes by ferry from Portsmouth".
- Mainland [Canada] , as opposed to [Prince Edward Island] , [Newfoundland] , [Cape Breton Island] or [Vancouver Island] ;
- [Mainland China] (including the island of [Hainan] ), as opposed to the [special administrative regions] of [Hong Kong] and [Macau] of the [People's Republic of China] (PRC), and the politically separate island of [Taiwan] and other small islands administered by the [Republic of China] (ROC);
- Mainland [Denmark] , as opposed to the [Faroe Islands] and [Greenland] ;
- Mainland [Equatorial Guinea] , usually called [Río Muni] , the part which is on the African continent, as opposed to the [offshore islands] ;
- Mainland [Estonia] , as opposed to [Saaremaa] , [Hiiumaa] and other Western Estonian islands;

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